Direct Mail

Direct Mail

CarpeDeeM provides a full direct mail service i.e. taking live data, mail sorting the data, printing base stock, name and address carrier, outer envelopes, reply envelopes, laser personalisation, fulfilment of components and mailing our the mailing packs maintaining any mail sort order for the packs to achieve maximum postage savings from Royal Mail or any other dedicated postal service.


CarpeDeeM understands that for any direct mail campaign, the processing of the data is the key element for success. We also build, maintain and clean data using the latest techniques.

Cleaning data and ensuring it is accurate and well presented will make your campaign more cost effective. This is achieved by de-duplication of data, cleansing via Mailing Preference Scheme, PAF, Mortascreen and gone away records. This ensures we remove undeliverable mailing packs, avoiding mailing wastage, saving money and any embarrassment to your company.

Finding the most effective, economical method to deliver your direct mail to your target market is an everyday activity to us.


CarpeDeeM's strength is understanding that the greater the degree of personalisation of your mailing, the better the impact/result will be.

We offer many solutions to make your mailing packs stand out and ensure you get the best response.

We do continuous lasering for larger volume mailings and cut sheet lasering for small to medium size runs.

We also personalised in-line in full colour using digital printing, offering a very cost effective alternative for short runs by removing the base stock element.

Laser or ink jet printing for postcards and envelopes and all those unusual sized or extra thick products!


After the print and personalisation, preparation for mailing is much more than simply stuffing a batch of envelopes We have all the finishing equipment necessary to cut, perforate, fold and mount items such as membership cards by machine, with camera matching to ensure integrity and the facility for re-moist glues and one-piece mailers.